Lockport election interviews

Here’s a full accounting of interviews done by WLVL News Director Eric DuVall on the Niagara News Hour, during the station’s “Better Know A Candidate” series.

Lockport Treasurer

Mike White (R, incumbent)

Sue Mawhiney (D, challenger)


Joe Kibler (R, incumbent)

Joe O’Shaughnessy (D, challenger)

First Ward

Joe Oates (R)

Ed Tracy (D)

Second Ward

Anita Mullane (D, incumbent)

Maria Updegraph (R, challenger)

Third Ward

Mark Devine (R)

Zach Parker (D)

Fourth Ward

Pat Schrader (D, incumbent)

Dave Wohleben (R, challenger)

Fifth Ward

Rick Abbott (D)

Note: Fifth Ward candidate Alan Jack did not respond to a request for an interview.

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