McCaffrey wins full term as mayor

Lockport Mayor Anne McCaffrey

After years of financial problems and months of campaigning, Election Night 2015 showed voters handed both parties some big victories and some stinging defeats. WLVL News Director Eric DuVall anchored our live coverage last night and he filed this report:

The 2015 election turned on whether voters were willing to offer some familiar faces in City Hall the chance to stay on the job and in nearly every case, the answer was no.

The lone incumbent to win in a citywide vote in Lockport was Mayor Anne McCaffrey. She defeats Democrat Roger Sherrie by an unofficial tally of 599 votes out of a total 4,169 cast on election day. Figure in absentee ballots and turnout this year was nearly identical to the city’s last mayoral election four years ago.

Mayor McCaffrey earns a full four year term and during her victory speech she said all the problems she and others in city hall have had to overcome have been worth it.

McCaffrey wins a four-year term, but the Democrats had their share of wins, as well. Embattled City Treasurer Mike White was soundly defeated by his Democratic opponent Sue Mawhiney. In the council’s at-large seat, Joe O’Shaughnessy defeated 14-year incumbent Joe Kibler and in the fifth ward, the Democrats picked up a seat when Rick Abbott won an open seat vacated by Republican Ken Genewick.

In the city’s hotly contested ballot proposition, the mayor’s proposal to alter the city charter and reduce the treasurer’s job duties went down in flames. The referendum was defeated by nearly 700 votes.


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