Tradio is a buy-sell-swap show. It’s the garage sale of the airwaves.

First heard on WLVL (then WUSJ) as a 15-minute, trade-only program in the 1960’s, it has been a 45-minute show since the 1990’s.

Tradio callers can sell up to four (4) items totaling $300 or less, or, just one (1) item of any price. You can call the show every weekday, but you can’t call more than once per show. If you can’t call in, send us a write-in: e-mail us at; fax us at 433-6588; mail it to us at 320 Michigan Street, Lockport, N.Y. 14094; or, just drop off your write-in at the front desk during business hours, 11am-3pm weekdays. Same rules for callers apply to the write-ins.

Remember: you cannot sell guns or any accessories, including ammunition and reloading equipment; and, you can’t sell used bedding, such as mattresses, bedsheets, etc. If you’re holding a garage sale, you must submit the information in writing–we do not take garage sales over the phone. Send us the dates, times, and exact location of your sale.

Tradio is strictly for individuals who are selling items. It is not for businesses, big or small, full or part time. Businesses are welcome to purchase advertising on the Tradio show, but they cannot take advantage of Tradio free advertising!

Call the show between 9:15 and 10am weekdays at 433-1433. And yes, (sigh), that’s in the 7-1-6…