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I’m Mark Oehm. Hopefully you’ll tune-in Saturday’s at 11am and listen to my little show: The Business North Show. Sorry to break the news to you but I am one of your neighbors, I live in Pendleton. I love it here and you’re not getting rid of me anytime soon. I always find a way to work this into ANY conversation so let’s get this out of the way now-I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. You’ll hear me talk about Pittsburgh lots and lots.. Now that’s out of the way…..

I have called Niagara County home for many years. I love EVERYTHING about Niagara County; the bike trails, the fact cows out number people, the “ride your tractor to school” days, the country roads, optional hypothermia if one jumps into Lake Ontario when it’s 95 degrees outside, the flesh eating Summer fly’s the size of Volkswagens BUT, I especially love the Niagara County businesses. I love talking with these businesses and hopefully we have a lot of fun along the way. I am also a fellow business owner: WNY Media Works is my gig.. My company is an advertising agency that focuses on creative radio and audio in and around Niagara County. To be a guest on The Business North Show please call 716-433-5944

If you have absolutely NOTHING better to do on a Saturday morning give the show a listen here on WLVL. The best part of this show is it’s free to listen to.

Be well Niagara County,

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