John Maser

I grew up in WNY and have lived in Lockport for over two decades. My radio career began in 1973 while in high school and it has been my passion ever since. After having spent time broadcasting in multiple markets, I am excited to be at Hometown WLVL and invite you to join us every weekday morning 6-9 for "Wake Up Niagara" on WLVL.

Hank Nevins

WLVL News Director Hank Nevins began his radio career working summers at the former WUSJ while attending Grahm College in Boston. He was a broadcast specialist with AFVN Radio/TV in Vietnam and then had on-air stints at WGR, WKBW and WBEN. He came back to "1340" as program director and then GM from 1978 to '83. He programmed WQCR in Burlington VT for former WLVL owners - Hall Communications - before joining WBEN as operations manager (1985 to '91). He worked several years in music promotion before moving to Albany to program WGY/WRVE for Dame Media. Hank has had successful non-radio jobs as well. He's done marketing/PR for the former Lockport Memorial Hospital, Presbyterian Homes of WNY and Western Regional OTB. Hank and his wife Mary are grandparents of four.

Join Hank anchoring the news weekday mornings 6a - 9a on "Wake Up Niagara" and throughout the day on the "Niagara News Minute"

Eric Koch

"Eric The Bass Player" has been a fixture in the community for years as the owner of Red House Music in Newfane, and has taught countless generations of musicians along the way. Eric now moves into the next phase of his career as the co-host of "Wake Up Niagara" weekdays 6a - 9a, and host of Tradio, weekdays 9:15a - 10a!

On-Air Schedule

Monday 09:15am - 10:00am Tradio
Tuesday 09:15am - 10:00am Tradio
Wednesday 09:15am - 10:00am Tradio
Thursday 09:15am - 10:00am Tradio
Friday 09:15am - 10:00am Tradio

Derick Evans

Derick Evans is a composer, songwriter, and sound designer/engineer living in Lockport, NY. He received his Doctorate in Music Composition from the University at Buffalo in 2019 and earned a Certification in Audio and Recording Production from Niagara County Community College in 2021. Derick first ventured into the world of radio in Ohio in 2012 as co-host of an experimental skit-based radio show at the College of Wooster's radio station. After moving to Arizona a year later, he spent a year co-hosting a conversational talkshow at the University of Arizona's radio station. Now, as a Lockportian, he is excited and honored to join the WLVL family.

Dr. Majeed Siddiqui

Dr. Majeed Siddiqui is a family medicine doctor in Amherst, New York and is affiliated with Kaleida Health-Buffalo General Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Gandhi Medical College and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Currently you can find him at Elmwood Immediate Care in Kenmore NY where he runs an immediate care facility and a private practice.

Fox News Radio

Fox News Radio offers breaking news, the latest news and current news 24/7.

On-Air Schedule

Monday 05:00am - 06:00am Fox News Rundown
Tuesday 05:00am - 06:00am Fox News Rundown
Wednesday 05:00am - 06:00am Fox News Rundown
Thursday 05:00am - 06:00am Fox News Rundown
Friday 05:00am - 06:00am Fox News Rundown

Fox Sports Radio

FOX Sports Radio gives listeners the opportunity to step away from their everyday stresses of life and immerse themselves into the world of sports entertainment. FOX Sports Radio is THE destination for the ultimate sports fan, featuring legendary sports talk hosts and sports fan's audio nirvana.

Our Weekday Line up consists of Clay Travis, Jason Smith and Ben Maller.

Our weekends feature Jonas Knox, Bucky Brooks, Jason McIntyre, Mark Willard, Brady Quinn, Lincoln Kennedy, Andy Furman, Ephraim Salaam Steve Hartman and more!

On-Air Schedule

Sunday 12:00am - 05:00am Fox Sports Radio
Sunday 12:00pm - 09:00pm Fox Sports Radio
Saturday 02:00am - 05:00am Fox Sports Radio
Saturday 01:00pm - 02:00pm Fox Sports Radio
Saturday 05:00pm - 12:00am Fox Sports Radio

Doug Stephan & Jai Kershner

Doug Stephan began his career in radio as a deejay in the 1960s in Tiffin, Ohio and has worked as a talk radio show host in Los Angeles, Boston and other major markets in America. Doug anchors several other shows and podcasts under the Good Day Network umbrella including “The Talk Radio Countdown Show,” “American Family Farmer,” “DJV Health Show” and “Your Hidden Power.”

A second generation broadcaster, Jai Kershner has been part of the broadcast industry since 2001 - interning for The Brian and Joe Radio Show" on Cleveland's Mix 106.5 - and having spent the last 10 years On-Air.

On-Air Schedule

Monday 11:00am - 11:45am Doug Stephan's Good Day Radio Show
Tuesday 10:00am - 11:45am Doug Stephan's Good Day Radio Show
Wednesday 10:00am - 11:45am Doug Stephan's Good Day Radio Show
Thursday 10:00am - 11:45am Doug Stephan's Good Day Radio Show
Friday 11:00am - 11:45am Doug Stephan's Good Day Radio Show

Bill O'Reilly

Americans need real reporting, honest analysis, and straight talk now more than ever before. That’s why Bill O’Reilly is back with his daily radio feature, The O’Reilly Update.

Tune-in each weekday as O’Reilly tackles the biggest breaking news and delivers his signature ‘No Spin’ analysis of the people and stories that make America great.

Join Bill as he dives into the issues that impact us all in the bold, fresh way only he can deliver.

On-Air Schedule

Monday 11:45am - 12:00pm The O'Reilly Update
Tuesday 11:45am - 12:00pm The O'Reilly Update
Wednesday 11:45am - 12:00pm The O'Reilly Update
Thursday 11:45am - 12:00pm The O'Reilly Update
Friday 11:45am - 12:00pm The O'Reilly Update

Clay Travis & Buck Sexton

Travis and Sexton carry on a new form of broadcast excellence in the tradition of the late radio icon Rush Limbaugh as they tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and current events with intelligence and humor. Together, they guide listeners through the latest headlines and hot topics with fun and entertaining conversations and opinions.

The duo broadcasts Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET – the legendary timeslot held by The Rush Limbaugh Show for more than three decades.

On-Air Schedule

Monday 12:00pm - 03:00pm The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show
Tuesday 12:00pm - 03:00pm The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show
Wednesday 12:00pm - 03:00pm The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show
Thursday 12:00pm - 03:00pm The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show
Friday 12:00pm - 03:00pm The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day, every day, reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the internet.

Nationally syndicated by Premiere Networks, The Sean Hannity Show now has more than 700 affiliates nationwide. Heard by more than 18 million loyal listeners each month, Hannity is the second most-listened-to talk show host in America. Hannity has been the recipient of two Marconi Awards for “Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year,” and is a three-time consecutive winner of the Radio & Records “National Talk Show Host of The Year” award. He was inducted in the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2017.

Hannity is an accomplished author with three #1 best-selling books. His first book, “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism,” rode the New York Times Best-Sellers list for a remarkable 17 weeks. His follow-up, “Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism,” debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best-Sellers list and held strong for five consecutive weeks. In similar fashion, “Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda” was released in 2010 and it quickly took the #1 spot.

Hannity has the unique ability to reach out and connect with his audience, proven during his highly successful “Hannitization of America Tour,” which brought hundreds of thousands of like-minded Americans together. He has visited markets big and small from coast to coast since the tour began in 2001.

In 2003, Hannity launched the “Freedom Concerts” to raise awareness and funds for The Freedom Alliance, a charity which provides scholarships to children of slain U.S. military personnel. The 2009 Freedom Concert series was a huge success attended by over 80,000 people in eight major U.S. cities: Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Jackson, New Jersey.

A gutsy talk-show host who always lands on the “right side” of the issues, Hannity is the host of FOX News Channel’s top-rated Hannity, which airs weeknights from 9 to 10 p.m. ET. Hannity, who joined the network in 1996, offers a mix of news, commentary, guest interviews and more on the program each night. Prior to the launch of Hannity, he was co-host of the #1 prime-time cable news debate show, Hannity & Colmes, for over 10 years, in addition to hosting #1 weekend program Hannity’s America, both airing on the network.

Hannity’s energy, charisma, Reagan conservatism scores high points with audience and critics alike as he continues to be one of the hottest commodities in media.

On-Air Schedule

Monday 03:00pm - 06:00pm Sean Hannity Show
Tuesday 03:00pm - 06:00pm Sean Hannity Show
Wednesday 03:00pm - 06:00pm Sean Hannity Show
Thursday 03:00pm - 06:00pm Sean Hannity Show
Friday 03:00pm - 06:00pm Sean Hannity Show
Saturday 10:00am - 01:00pm Sean Hannity Show

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is a leading American media personality, political commentator, author, and founder of TheBlaze, a multiplatform news and entertainment network available on television, radio, and the internet.

In 2018, TheBlaze and CRTV merged to create Blaze Media, one of the nation’s largest independent media companies with products and programming spanning cable and satellite TV, subscription video on-demand podcasts, digital print, and other distributed publishing.

Glenn's wit, candor, and commanding on-air presence have earned him the loyal support of a large, enthusiastic audience, as well as top ratings on network television and talk radio. He is a leading voice for conservatism and is a staunch defender of the Constitution, individual liberties, and free markets.

Glenn got his start in radio as a Top 40 DJ. In 2001, after a series of life-changing events, he changed course to pursue a career in talk radio. Three years later, Premiere Networks launched his show into national syndication. Today, The Glenn Beck Program is the third highest rated radio show in the country. His great success in radio opened the door to opportunities in television as well. He has hosted a daily television show for the past ten years, most notably on Fox News from 2008 to 2011, drawing an audience of about two million per night. In 2009, his 5pm show became the first in the network's history to score higher ratings than the network's primetime programming.

Glenn's gift for storytelling, together with his informed and unique insights on current affairs, has allowed him to achieve great success as an author. He is a thirteen-time #1 bestselling author and one of the few in history to have had #1 national bestsellers in the fiction, non-fiction, self-help and children's picture book genres. Glenn's Mercury Radio Arts extended its publishing partnership with industry leader Simon & Schuster in 2011, a partnership dating back to 2003.

Glenn's connection with his audience is singular in today's media landscape. He takes great pleasure in every opportunity to meet and interact with his fans. His desire to spend more time with his audience inspired him to move into the live events space. To date, Glenn has sold out venues from Dallas to Jerusalem. Most notable was Restoring Honor, which took place on Washington D.C.'s National Mall in 2012 and drew a crowd estimated anywhere from 300,000 to as high as 500,000 people, depending on the source.

In 2013, Glenn was presented with the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award in recognition of his achievements as an internet media entrepreneur. Other professional awards and recognition include: Marconi Radio Award for Network Syndicated Personality of the Year (2008); The Hollywood Reporter's Digital Power 50 (2012); Forbes Celebrity 100 (2011, '12, '13, '14); Gallup Poll: 4th Most Admired Man in the World (2009)

On-Air Schedule

Monday 06:00pm - 09:00pm The Glenn Beck Program
Tuesday 06:00pm - 09:00pm The Glenn Beck Program
Wednesday 06:00pm - 09:00pm The Glenn Beck Program
Thursday 06:00pm - 09:00pm The Glenn Beck Program
Friday 06:00pm - 09:00pm The Glenn Beck Program

Dave Ramsey

Dave started on one station in Nashville back in 1992 sharing practical answers for life’s tough money questions. Word spread caller after caller, and so did the show. The Ramsey Show is now on more than 586 stations from coast to coast and has more than 13 million total listeners. A lot has changed through the years, but Dave’s practical advice on life and money has remained consistent.

On-Air Schedule

Monday 09:00pm - 12:00am The Ramsey Show
Tuesday 09:00pm - 12:00am The Ramsey Show
Wednesday 09:00pm - 12:00am The Ramsey Show
Thursday 09:00pm - 12:00am The Ramsey Show
Friday 09:00pm - 12:00am The Ramsey Show

Frank Morano

Face it: sometimes you need your news with a martini and a side of “Star Trek.” Frank Morano takes listeners on an unexpected journey through current events, mixing it up with his deep love of pop culture. It’s a completely unexpected take on the news, both what made the headlines (and what didn’t).

In between, Frank could be sharing his love of cigars and cheese, as well as more than a few paranormal tidbits. It’s talk radio unlike anything you’ve heard.

On-Air Schedule

Monday 01:00am - 05:00am The Other Side of Midnight
Tuesday 01:00am - 05:00am The Other Side of Midnight
Wednesday 01:00am - 05:00am The Other Side of Midnight
Thursday 01:00am - 05:00am The Other Side of Midnight
Friday 01:00am - 05:00am The Other Side of Midnight

Ken Coleman

Join America’s Career Coach, Ken Coleman, as he delivers practical advice to help you discover the role you were born to play—and map out a plan to get there! Do you feel stuck in your job? Do you dread going to work on Monday mornings? Do you want to do work that matters? The Ken Coleman Show is for you. Through the years, Ken has interviewed leading experts in business, sports, entertainment and politics. Now, he’s here to help answer your questions about career, passion and talent so you can maximize your potential. If you have a question for Ken, call 844.747.2577 and subscribe to The Ken Coleman Show today. For more resources, check out

On-Air Schedule

Sunday 05:00am - 07:00am The Ken Coleman Show
Saturday 05:00am - 07:00am The Ken Coleman Show

Alan Taylor

THE DRIVE with Alan Taylor puts you in the driver’s seat for a unique, fast paced look at today’s automotive industry. Your pedal-to-the-metal, two-hour thrill ride devoted to the latest car news and test-drive results, how-to tips, auto show coverage, expert insights, and behind the scenes action.

On-Air Schedule

Sunday 07:00am - 09:00am The Drive with Alan Taylor

Gary Sullivan

It's America's most listened to home improvement radio show. With over thirty years of home improvement know how, and over a decade of broadcast experience, Gary Sullivan will help you build it up, tear it down, fix it, or replace it.

On-Air Schedule

Sunday 09:00am - 12:00pm At Home with Gary Sullivan

Mark Moss

Mark Moss is host of “The Mark Moss Show,” a new three-hour weekend program available on radio stations nationwide and iHeartRadio. Each week on the program, Moss helps audiences navigate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, as well as why they’re important, including the business, politics, financial markets, and more. He shares his knowledge for why this isn't just a new technology, but a technological revolution with the biggest opportunity and potential ever seen. With more than 25 years’ experience building seven and eight-figure business and investment portfolios, Moss delivers valuable experience and perspective as he educates audiences on the opportunities in this new everchanging world of finance.

Moss’ investing career started in 1995, buying foreclosed real estate from banks after the 1989-1992 crash. He also began investing in internet stocks in the mid-1990s and started his first online business in 2001, at the bottom of the dot-com crash. During that time, he learned hard but valuable lessons, like harnessing technology cycles after investing through the Internet boom, and the importance of asset allocation after losing everything in the 2008 financial crash. Most importantly, he learned how to bounce back, overcome defeat, and learn and improve from his mistakes.

Moss’ widespread experience and sense of adventure allowed him to find trends early and jump on them for success. For the last few years, the biggest trend and his most successful investment ever has been in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. In 2015, he went all-in on cryptocurrencies and launched his first online crypto asset publication, Block United in 2016, now known as Signal Profits. It was built to help even novice traders and investors learn and get up to speed quickly and be able to position themselves for maximum gains without spending hundreds of hours studying markets over the years.

Moss’ main outlet for speaking and teaching is his YouTube Channel: Market Disruptors, which began in 2017 as a way to discuss the opportunities of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in a non-traditional way. Since then, the channel has attracted more than 17 million views and topics have expanded to cover general investing, success and mindset. For more information, please visit

On-Air Schedule

Sunday 09:00pm - 12:00am The Mark Moss Show

BizTalk Radio

Business Rockstars is the largest producer of audio and video content for entrepreneurs featuring Rockstar CEO’s, startups, & entrepreneurs. With Award-Winning content creators and influencers, we are Connecting & Growing A Community Of Entrepreneurs on Television, Radio, Podcasting & Social Media.

On-Air Schedule

Monday 12:00am - 01:00am Business Rockstars
Tuesday 12:00am - 01:00am Business Rockstars
Wednesday 12:00am - 01:00am Business Rockstars
Thursday 12:00am - 01:00am Business Rockstars
Friday 12:00am - 01:00am Business Rockstars
Saturday 12:00am - 02:00am Business Rockstars

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